Discover a collective series of 1,111 animated 3D mounts.

The land of Karugonia is an old one...

…its soil rich with the stories of those who worked it. In the days of old, the Kingdom of Karugonia stood a gilded testament to the ability of its people. Sturdy stone towers manned by expert marksmen kept Karugonians safe from sporadic raiders and marauders beyond the walls, for in the time before Sekiryu, the biggest worries of Karugonians were far less sinister.

How To Mint

Season 1

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Send Your ADA

Each NFT costs 100 ADA.
You can submit multiples of 100 to purchase more than one NFT in a single transaction.

To buy, send your ADA to the following address:

1,111 3D Animated NFTs | Price 100ada
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Our Team

We have a strong and talented team working hard behind the scenes to bring the world of Karugonia to life!

Green Tee

Project Founder





Community Manager


Discord Management


Web Developer


Minting & SC Developer

White Paper

Take a deep dive into our project with our latest White Paper.

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Our Season 1 drop will consist of 1,111 unique NFTs.

Season 1 will be dropping on Aug 20th at 8pm UTC for our whitelist. The public sale will being 24 hours later.

Our minting information will ONLY be published on our website! Any other information you may see on Discord or Twitter may be a scam.

The mint price will be 100 ada.

If anyone sends ADA after we have sold out, they will be refunded as soon as possible. This process may take a couple of hours, depending on congestion on the blockchain.

Only send ADA from a Cardano Shelley-era wallet! (e.g. Nami, Eternl, Daedalus, etc). Do not send ADA from an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken etc. Doing so will result in you losing the ADA and you will NOT receive your asset.

Yes! We will be holding monthly contests and giveaways. Details will appear in our Discord.

Yes! Many benefits will be rewarded to our holders. Including lore-based airdrops to those holding 2 or more mounts.

Our Policy ID for Season 1 is: 47b17ddb4717293b2e62976cfaefa76c58f03d7c10eb8a2b19d524df